How to receiveNinoxCredentials & IDs

When working with external services like Zapier, Make or you might find yourself in the situation where you need to obtain a Personal Access Token or some specific IDs of your Ninox Database. Let me help you!

Obtaining the Personal Access Token / API-Key

I can also refer to the Ninox documentation here but since you are already here:

1. Go to your Ninox
2. Click the Gear Icon
3. Click “Integrations” in the presented menu
4. Click “Generate” and copy your Access-Token
5. Use this Token in the Service of your choice


Security Hint

Do not post these Token / Keys publicly and have them always in a secure environment since they grant access to all your Ninox Teams and the Ninox Databases of these teams!

Obtaining IDs of your Ninox Database

To tell external Services which Ninox Team or Ninox Database it should access, you’ll might have to enter those IDs. Sounds scary. But don’t worry, I know an easy way:

Reading it from the URL

Goto your Ninox, enter the Team and Database of interest and preferable also select a record. Since Ninox itself uses those ID’s internally you’ll will find them in the URL of your browser. That’s it. Super handy to know. Now it’s only copy & paste.
You’re welcome! 👋

Running a Ninox Script

"Team-ID: " + teamId() + "
DB-ID: " + databaseId() + "
Tabellen-ID:" + tableId(this);

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